Business Plan Guide – 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Business Plan

A business plan guide is a great place to start when you are getting ready to start a new business venture. Perhaps you have found a book about writing business plans, or are following a template, but chances are, these materials will only focus on the steps necessary to create your written report and will fail to point out the critical mistakes that most new business owners make. So let’s ignore the step-by-step tutorial for a moment and focus on the real world mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Don’t Put it Off.

Yes, writing a business plan can be a monumental chore. It’s easy to procrastinate while you focus on the more exciting processes of your business. Many new business owners will wait until the day before their scheduled meeting with the bank — and then frantically try to write a plan overnight. You can imagine the results.

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How to Implement Your Business Plan

Article 3 of 3 – Implementing Your Small Business Plan Your Plan Becomes a Reality

This is the 3rd article of our Business Planning series. I am assuming you have completed your plan and we are now ready to actually start using it. The most important thing about planning for any type of business, is having the ability to implement that plan into real goals that are achievable; daily, weekly and monthly. A big fat 60 page plan that is filed and forgotten is ridiculously useless. I never plan ahead further than a year. Business changes constantly as will the direction of where you are aiming to take your business. To allow yourself to be flexible as an entrepreneur, don’t plan too far ahead. Too much planning ahead can also lead to you becoming overwhelmed at the thought of trying to achieve so much. Keep it short and precise and achievable and there will be more chance that you will actually achieve it.

Ok, so now you have that plan we need to look at how to implement it.

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Dollar Store Business Plan, Start a Dollar Store

Every prospective entrepreneur going into business has more than likely heard about the need for a business plan. If you are about to start a dollar store it is likely the experts have told you the same thing. They will tell you to create a dollar store business plan and to make use of the plan once it is completed. After all it does take time and effort to research and then write down everything that’s required of this important effort. After all, the business plan you create charts the path you will follow with your retail business. It is an extremely important and powerful means of setting the course you will take. It includes many of the most important planned details about the journey your business will take into the future.

First and foremost your dollar store business plan is a roadmap for your own use. When you start a dollar store it is much easier to achieve success when you have invested the time to develop a clear plan for achieving that success. There are so many things required to achieve true success. This is one place where you can document all of those components and how you intend to use them.

Your business plan will include a marketing plan for your business. Your marketing plan is one of the most important elements of your business plan. This will be the action plan for steps you will take to continually grow your store sales. It should include specific actions that stand in support of your projected sales goals.

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